Why I Chose To Breastfeed

The following heartfelt letters were submitted by mothers from across the world

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Submitted by Chrissy Welfe

I chose to breastfeed my baby because it was the healthiest and most natural choice for my baby and me. In addition, I longed to have a special bond with my daughter. Then after reading all the benefits; higher IQ, less chance of allergies, easy to digest, me losing weight faster, and the convenience of it, well, it was exactly what I was looking for.

The first 2 weeks were painful. Mentally and physically. But the chapped nipples, nighttime feedings and leaking breasts were all worthwhile as I remembered the great things I was doing for my baby by breastfeeding. Sadly, we had found out our daughter had been born with a small hole in her heart so I couldn't imagine giving her anything less than my perfect breastmilk to keep her healthy and perhaps aid in healing her slight imperfection.

I nursed my daughter until she weaned herself at around 12 months. And as everyone tells me what a good, sweet, loving, bright eyed, smart little girl I have, I tell them, "That is because she was breastfed". :) So to all of you who are thinking about breastfeeding or thinking of giving up...breastfeeding will bond you with your baby in a way words can't explain. You don't know how many times I looked down at my daughter as she nursed and tears of joy fell on her face. What comfort she must have felt there so warm and secure in my arms at my breast.


I am breastfeeding right at the present time. My son is 8 months. I have ups and downs but feel good about still breastfeeding. My son likes to breastfeed while it is quiet plus dark so he is still breastfeeding at night. Most of my problems is been latch on problems but didn't realize till he got older. We are both still learning.

I tried to breastfeed my daughter who is 3 year old now. I know now what the problems were while I couldn't breastfeed her. One reason is only breastfeeding on one breast for 5 minutes at a time. She wasn't getting enough hind milk. Plus both of my children are fast eaters.

Sometimes i would try to make them eat on both breast sometimes they're satisfied just eating on just one. I now alternate when my son don't want to eat on both breasts. Plus I have large breasts which need to be supported for my son so that he can latch on better. I breastfeed lying down better because we can support each other backs with pillows. Plus if a child only eats little bit at a time they will become very gassy. I
do mean very very gassy. I found that mlycons drops at .6ml helps at any age newborns sometimes don't help at .3 ml the drs precribed my son .6ml when he was 2 months which help a lot 4 times a day. which ask your doctor before giving your child which mlycon don't get in the blood stream. I not very good in english. I hope you can read this and be help to you. Sometimes when a breastfed baby is fuzzy a soft pillow to support thier back helps lots.

Submitted by Rachel
I don't have children of my own yet but I still have a story for you. Two weeks after I was born my mother was hospitalized and in 1973 they didn't think I should go with my mother so that she could feed me. Well my father took matters into his own hand and I was taken to the La Leche League near our home in Virginia. I have always marveled at the love these women showed me by giving me milk. After my mother got out of the hospital I continued to be feed by these women for six full months. What love I was given by women that didn't know me, my mother, or my father. So to all the women who chose this good for you and remember to share. thankfully,

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